Trust Election 2021

Your Questions Answered

Prior to the election hustings, members of the Supporters' Trust were invited to submit questions to each of this year's candidates.

The questions are listed below, and to view the answers provided, click on the candidate name at the bottom of the page.  

Q1. How do you propose to improve club financial transparency and forecasting. For example increased reporting of club financial performance?


Q2. To the Re-standing: What have you actually achieved in the 3 years and the targets you set in your last manifesto did you achieve?

Q2a. To the New standings: What would you look to achieve over 3 years and do you have the time and motivation?

Q3. Do you believe that if we move away from SJP should we stay within the boundaries of Exeter if we do?

Q4. Over the last 3 year how many games have you attended home and away, supporting Exeter City, and do you feel that you fully understand the City Supporters of today? (We need to know if they are a fan of Exeter City and not just standing to look good on their CV)


Q5. In October 2020 the FA launched Leadership Diversity which 40 out of the 92 Clubs signed up to. Exeter did not sign up; if you where a Trustee would you looked to have signed Exeter City to the code? (https://www.thefa.com/news/2020/oct/27/football-leadership- diversity-code-launched-271020)


Q6. Would you like to see The Trust & Exeter City Football Club should engage with Black Live Matter Exeter and others as in 20 years of the Trust ownership no Black Directors on Club or Trust board or higher management?


Q7. To all candidates why have only one of you covered the climate change in your manifestos and do you think the trust and Exeter City Football Club should do more?


Q8. In a democratic setting such as the Trust a situation may arise where opinions differ before a final consensus is reached. How would you ensure that any personal opinions that you may have are not in conflict with those of the Trust as a whole if they occasionally differ?


Q9. If the Trust/Club did not have the funds from the sale of players, what would they put in place to support the Trust/Club to generate money and support the community of Exeter non football or match day?