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ECFC Engagement Hub | Can you Help?

The Exeter City Engagement Hub has had a great start to life and has been well received by the community, supporters, and volunteers alike.

One of the key elements to the future success of the hub is moving it from time-to-time to different locations, so as to reach as many people and events as possible.

As a result, we're looking for a volunteer to help tow the trailer as and when is needed. The volunteer would need the appropriate driving licence and insurance and have experience of towing.

The club would be more than happy to pay out of pocket expenses for this activity. Future dates for reolcating the trailer are: Tues 31st Aug: From Princesshay after 6pm to Express Signs in Marsh Barton Thurs 16th Sept or Friday 17th Sept: From Express Signs to the University Monday 20th Sept: University to St James Park

If you are interested and available to help with this initiative, please email

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