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AGM Information & Registration

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the Exeter City AFC Supporters Society Ltd will be held at 10.00am this Saturday (November 21) via the Zoom webinar platform.

Please note that this is an amendment from the originally scheduled time of 11.00am.

To meet the requirements for the AGM, members are asked to register for the event. To do this and to receive your link to the scheduled webinar, please click here and follow the prompts presented.


All documents relevant to the AGM, including the agenda for the meeting can also be found here, and should you have any issues on the day, please contact Richard Knight via 07712 678940

If you have any further queries about the AGM, please email the Trust Secretary, Phil Burden, at

Also, should any members wish to send apologies in advance, please contact Phil Burden at the above email address.

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