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European Super [greed] League...

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Yesterday, it was announced that 12 of Europe’s leading clubs – including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea – have agreed to form an elite European Superleague.

The news has been roundly opposed on social media by public figures and supporters alike, and in response to the story, the chairman of the Exeter City Supporters’ Trust, Nick Hawker, said:

“The announcements regarding the proposed actions of some of our country’s biggest clubs are a sad indictment of attitudes towards the game - and its supporters - at the very top of our pyramid system.

“This move would go against the best traditions and spirit of our national sport and potentially threatens to undermine the very fabric of the game in this country and elsewhere.

“Whilst these proposals do not represent an immediate threat to our own football club, the Supporters’ Trust remains opposed to any initiative in the game that fails to put supporters first.”

A further statement, issued by our friends and colleagues at the Football Supporters’ Association, said: “The FSA is totally opposed to the proposals which seek to create a breakaway ‘European Superleague’.

“The motivation behind this so-called superleague is not furthering sporting merit or nurturing the world’s game – it is motivated by nothing but cynical greed.

“This competition is being created behind our backs by billionaire club owners who have zero regard for the game’s traditions and continue to treat football as their personal fiefdom.

“The FSA, and no doubt supporters across the continent, will continue to fight against its creation.”

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