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Nick Hawker excited by 'remarkable' new Cliff Hill investment.

Trust Chairman has his say on the Trust's investment into Exeter City's training ground

Exeter City Supporters' Trust chairman, Nick Hawker has spoken about the exciting developments to the Cliff Hill Training Ground, following Tuesday's turf cutting ceremony.

Chatting at the event, Nick said:

"It's amazing how far we've come under Trust ownership. We've talked a lot about sustainability in the past, and more recently about sustainable success. To get promoted and be able to redevelop the training ground shows just that."

In a vote held earlier this year, members of the Trust approved a £600,000 loan to the football club, to help fund the £2.9m project at the 'Cat and Fiddle'.

"It's no small amount of money," Nick continues.

"For Exeter City to spend close to three-million pounds on a facility like this is quite remarkable. It's a fantastic testament to the fiscal policies the club adhere to, as well as the strength of the Trust in being able to negotiate those principles."

Despite confusion regarding the contactors, Modulek UK have partnered with the club to build the facilities and the Chairman shared his delight in the financial state of the club to get the deal over the line.

"We were always planning for three years rather than twelve months, so it was disappointing when we had to reflect on how it could have impacted longer term.

"There was never a doubt we would be going ahead with the project. It was certainly never a case of not being able to afford it. So yes it was disappointing we lost the original contractor, but again it demonstrates the strength of the club that we can carry on regardless."

Nick stated that the current building erected at the Cliff Hill Training Ground was "past its sell-by date" and reissued the importance of the development for the players.

"It's their place of work. One of the most important factors for that is a suitable canteen where staff and players can mix and spend time together. It's invaluable the fact others will now be able to have comfortable offices, in the warm, without leaks.

"When new players come and see the pitches, which are remarkable, is one thing. To see a nice building behind them will prove the ambition the club has. The more benefits we can deliver in the workspace is vital."

Nick soon praised supporters and members for recognising the importance of the project and voting in favour saying:

"It's a big moment for Exeter City, but it's also a big moment for supporter ownership. We do own our football club, and at the Trust we do our best to put the club in the best place possible, to drive revenues on."

The Trust have now opened the 'Kit out the Cliff' campaign, which has so far raised over £20,000 for white products inside the facilities. To find out more, and be able to donate, please follow this link.

It is anticipated that the foundations will be completed by July 8, enabling much of the work to be undertaken during a quieter period at the training ground and with less operational impact.

Following this, there will be little visible activity on site until mid-October, whilst the building is being manufactured offsite. It is anticipated that the development will be complete by the end of December 2022.

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