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Thank you, Clive Matthews

For those of you who travelled to Anfield a few seasons ago there is every chance your ticket purchase was processed by Clive Matthews.

Over several days and very late nights Clive and a hardy band of volunteers ensured tickets were allocated and despatched against extremely difficult circumstances.

Often found on a match-day in the ticket booth, Clive went on to become membership secretary to the trust, filling the considerable void left by Frank Sealy.

Clive made the role his own and took great care in personalising letters and e-mails to ensure that every member was treated with special attention.

During this time the trust launched its corporate membership scheme and again, clive provided much of the support in getting this running smoothly.

More recently, clive has been working on migrating membership data to a new system where his keen eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of our members has been invaluable.

Clive has now decided to step down from his role and it is right and proper that we take this opportunity to thank him for his considerable efforts.

We are incredibly grateful for your efforts Clive, in maintaining our membership records but also for lending your considerable knowledge to the transition process currently underway.

Clive will continue to attend games at the Park so hopefully, we’ll see you in the not too distant future.

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