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August 30, 2019

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"The Supporters Trust have always been great and encouraging advocates of the Academy.  We have, over a number years, sponsored the ‘Academy Player of the Year Award’, and it was my pleasure to present this year’s award to Will Dean. 


Will is an excellent example of the fantastic work undertaken by the Academy staff, and evidence of the rewards the Club’s long term belief in player development brings.  As a supporter owned Club immersed in the local community, this is especially important. 


For season 2019/20 we would like to take a step further and support all of the academy’s rising stars, launching a year-long fundraising campaign to sponsor the efforts being made to ensure that future Exeter City teams are brimming with young talent. 


Please help us to achieve this – we own our football club, and like all good football Club owners, we should provide support for our budding stars!"


More information and how you can make a donation HERE

Nick Hawker, Chairman

Exeter City Supporters Trust



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