STARS Update

December 20, 2019

We're now half-way through our season long STARS campaign, launched to raise funds for our academy, so a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed, and all those who continue to be so generous with donations & by supporting the Trust's own fund raising efforts.


Since our last draw you've supported STARS by donating online or by putting your small change into 
collecting tins at St James Park, as well as by increasing your Trust subs, or by buying autographed academy postcards and Santa badges, and also by buying raffle tickets at our recent Trust forum.


All of this has increased our running total to £7,850.


The Trust's next STARS fund raiser is our Supporters' Dinner on Tuesday, January 28. There are still a few places left, so please join us & make it a sell out.



Alan Newcombe & Venetia Self were winners in our latest draw for STARS donors. They'll be enjoying hospitality at SJP in the near future.


Here's why Venetia supports STARS - 


"The academy is at the heart of our football club, it sets us way ahead of other clubs and we mustn't
take it for granted. By supporting the Academy now we're securing our future success. 
Players like George Friend, Ollie Watkins & Matt Grimes have gone on to bigger clubs earning us
much needed income.


"Look at the number of players in our current squad who have come through the  Academy & are now
repaying all those years of nurturing they have received by performing in the first team, it's a no
brainer for me, I'm very happy to support STARS."


Our next update & donor's draw will be on January 3rd... let's start 2020 with £8,000+


Thank you, and a very merry Christmas to you all. 




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