Anyone for Andros 2020?

February 10, 2020

It’s that time again, time for your invite to visit the Greek Island of Andros in the company of lots of other Exeter supporting Grecians, and to enjoy what is nothing short of an idyllic break from the hustle and bustle of life back here in the UK.


It will be the thirteenth visit the island as a group, since that first trip in 2007 when the Exeter Exiles and other Grecians were invited by the late Jony Brown to go to the first island in the Cyclades chain.



Jony was an English footballer who retired and ended up on the island. Whilst Jony didn’t actually play for Exeter, he played for a few non-league teams before signing for Yeovil where his first game was against Exeter at the Park, and he had fond memories of that time, and from that connection he became a supporter of the Grecians!


As always, Neil LeMilliere is happy help with all the information you need to make the trip; to get the cheapest air fares; the transfers; and accommodation. There is normally also have a tour polo shirt each year which you’d be welcome to buy.


If needed, Neil can arrange all of this for you, and you’d also be welcome to travel with his party.


Contact details:




Mobile: 07946 615889 




When anyone is looking round the ECFC Trophy Cabinet, the ECFC Museum Cabinets, or even generally around the St James Centre and Boardroom you and others may notice some trophies and souvenirs that mention the Greek Island of Andros.


This Island of Andros is one of the outposts of ECFC Support and was the founding place for the Greek Grecians some fifteen years ago after some Grecians “discovered” the island had a connection to St James Park in the person of a former professional footballer who played for Yeovil Town and played his first game for them at the Park against Exeter.


From this small start an annual tour to Andros has blossomed where both Exiled and Exeter based supporters travel to the island for a week or two and in the past have played a football game or games against one of the local teams on their 4G pitch which we have seen turn from a dust bowl to proper 4G pitch.


However many of those who travel just go to enjoy the fabulous island and all it has to offer, from tremendous beaches on the Mediterranean sea, to the wonderful hospitality and food, to of course the local intoxicating liquors!



Previous Tours


In previous years the trip has consisted of a main party with most tourists travelling in one party by plane to Athens from Heathrow then down to the  harbour by a dedicated bus service to get the ferry over to the island where we have a number of great villas and hotels to suit all needs.


Each tour has featured group outings and meals but all by choice and everyone is free to do what they like when they like.


The locals love to entertain us and a few special events are put on for us, meals, trips, and a free BBQ with free drinks at a jewellers, and in the past these feature alongside a football game or two though for the last couple of years it’s been a bit of a stretch as we’ve all got older, so unless there is an influx of youth then there will not be a football match this season.



This Year


However this year it is more of a staggered event with one advance party leaving on Monday, June 16 - two days after England’s first match in EURO 2020 and on a day when there are only two matches so hopefully avoiding missing anything important. The current plan is to return on Monday, June 29 in time for anyone who wants to watch the two round of 16 matches that day.


Neil, Julie, and Steve Rudawski are travelling on this trip, out from Heathrow Terminal 2 on an Aegean flight at 22:15 arriving Athens at 03:55 local. The return flight is yet to be booked but as usual may accommodate a day and overnight in Athens on the way home.


There’s another party leaving England on Monday 22 June who will also stay for about two weeks so overlapping by a week.


You’d be welcome to join any of these parties if you wanted to benefit from their experience of making the trip or just make your own way.


This therefore is a general invite to anyone else that would like to join the group, as the more the merrier and the locals would love to see more Grecians there. The extremely warm and hospitable welcome they give to all visitors has to be experienced to be believed and, as anyone who has been will tell you, they really look forward to our visit and look after everyone like family.


Neil acts as an unofficial travel agent for the trip, and is happy to do as much or as little to help you get there as you need or want from booking flights and ferries, to arranging your accommodation and can get you deals on most aspects or advise you on what you need to do if you want to book it yourself.



You can see the accommodation and the island at the following websites: