20 years of the Supporters' Trust | The Bard of ECFC

March 21, 2020

Rob Casey, the Bard of ECFC, was kind enough to produce a special poem to mark 20 years of the Supporters' Trust. 


The poem was originally due to be released last week as one part of our previously-planned celebration at the Park, but in the current circumstances - and as it is national poetry day - we thought that we would share it with you all now. 


Our thanks as always to Rob for his wonderful contributions to the football club, and to all of you for your continued support of the club and our community. 


Take care.


Place Your Trust in City

By Rob Casey 



It isn't easy being Grecian.

Years of struggle just to stay

a small, professional club. But we

won't have it any other way.

We've fought to get to where we are.

We've worked together through it all.

We bought a stake in our own fate.

We own our club and we stand tall.

We've had our ups and downs, it's true.

We've lost a lot as we have gained.

But this is our community.

Our Trust and spirit, still maintained.


We're more than just supporters now.

When we invest it's not through greed.

We know that we each play our part

to help our local team succeed.

We're building something here that's more

than profit for a businessman.

We're working as a family.

We're following our self-made plan.

We're Exeter. We're proudly free.

We built our Trust because of you.

And still, together, we grow on.

Come place your trust in City too.





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