The Trust is a firmly democratic organisation where members of the Trust Board are elected by its membership. Trustees are elected for three-year periods and can remain sitting for a maximum of nine consecutive years. Typically, the Trust Board totals 12 elected Trustees (there is a maximum of 15 allowable but three places are typically reserved for co-opted skills) and four officers. At present the Trust Board present a wide range of skills and ages.



Chairman and club board director

Nick has supported the Club since 1969 when, after watching the Grecians lose 2-1 to Port Vale (27th Sept 1969)., just a few   days later attended a mid-week game against Swansea City (1st October 1969), which resulted in a 6-0 win!  The bug had bitten!!

After 40 years working in the newspaper industry, mostly in technology, he retired and, looking for something to fill the time, he  became Trust Secretary in 2012, a position that he held for 4 years.  After a brief hiatus in 2016, Nick returned as a co-opted  Trustee in 2017 and was elected by the membership in 2017, and then as Chair to the Trust that November!

Nick can be contacted via the Trust E-Mail address:  enquiries@weownexetercityfc.co.uk

or  nick.hawker1392@gmail.com.