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Jon Beer


I believe I can bring what the Trust has been needing for years and that is someone young that can fill the age gap between the Trust and the younger supporters. I could be the person who puts the voice of the youth in a lace where it is going to be heard.


As part of the next generation coming up to support City, it would be an honour to help my Club in any way I can. I believe I have valuable ideas that maybe some of the other people may not have.

I would also like to get involved and help in anyway I can, as I feel there is some certain social medias that are better suited to a younger audience.


I think it is also important to remember that I am only 16 and that I will be starting College, so having a busy schedule alongside something new at the club, could be difficult, but I will try my hardest to apply myself as best as possible to better the Club.


My Dad has also been on the Trust Board at one point or another, so he can provide me with advice and support I may need to fulfil my ambition to serve the Club.


The main reason for me wanting to be on the Trust Board is so I can try and encourage other people of my age to stand after m, so that we can keep this connection going, which, I believe, is vital for the Club’s success in the future.


To achieve this, I will be trying to find a way to get as many people of my age, to join the Trust, so that maybe, like me, they can also run for positions on the Trust.


The most important thing I want people wanting to vote for me to know is that I will be there to learn. I may not be that knowledgeable in some areas, but I do think I can provide a certain set of skills and a certain level of communication that others, older than me, may not be able to provide.


Thanks for taking time to read my manifesto.


Jon Beer




Mark Cordell


This is the third year I have attempted to reach the Trust Board, however last year was different.  After narrowly missing out on election I was invited to assist the Trust and was tasked with ideas to assist with membership growth.  Over the past 9 months I have attended board meetings and have also been active in the Ownership Working Group.  At board meetings I have promoted ideas to assist in membership growth and also used the commercial experience I have gained from close to 7 years in business to business roles.  This has enabled me to add value to discussions held at this level and to sign up businesses to our Corporate Trust Membership.  


Ideas that I have introduced through the Ownership Working Group have included gift boxes, a card machine for the trust stall and an upcoming FIFA Competition.  An additional event aimed at members between 16-25 year olds was also held, this was not well attended despite marketing of the event on social media.  A FIFA Competition to follow on from this should see an increased attendance where we will continue to show the benefits of Trust Membership.  The card machine is almost ready for use and this will allow us to renew membership and purchase gift boxes on match days alongside any other donations and purchases.  The idea of the Gift Box is that it gives more of a presentation to membership for those wishing to purchase it for family or friends.  


If elected to the Trust board I would like to continue the work I have started through the Ownership Working Group and add further value to the boardroom.  The commercial skills I have gained through my career would assist me to help make decisions based on business needs, this is important at board level as wrong decisions could be disastrous for the long-term survival of the club.  Election would also give me the chance to take more leadership of projects and help to turn ideas into reality for the board.


There has been a lot of talk around the terraces that this season is a new era for the club following big changes in the summer.  As a supporter of 21 years and a season ticket holder I am passionate about the future of this club and ask for your vote to represent the best interests of the club moving forward.



Elaine Davis


My early experiences of ECFC have shaped my actions as a Trustee & Club Board Director over the past 5 years. Witnessing the demise of our Club in the Russell & Lewis era reinforced my belief in Supporter's why I got involved with our Club .... so increasing our membership has been my focus . More members means more income & thus more security for our Club, with this in mind  we introduced Corporate Trust Membership for local businesses 18 months ago.

I started as a volunteer so I know how important the relationship is to the Club & to the volunteer - we need one another! Sitting in an empty stadium, eating a pastie with other volunteers after a morning's work & thinking....this is MY club & I'm making a difference .... is an abiding memory & the feeling I share with many of you.  I have since organised volunteer work parties & at my suggestion our sponsors' table in the Trust Suite is given to volunteers. If given the opportunity I will continue to encourage & nurture these relationships which are the lifeblood of our Club


I was a supporter before I was a Trustee or Club Director so improving match day experience is close to my heart.  Being on both Boards has enabled me to work with supporters and Club staff and I'm proud of what  the Trust & Club have achieved together -

- the refurbishment of the Trust Suite, the roof of the BB, Main Stand & St James centre have been repaired & painted, toilets replaced or refurbished. Work in the Centre Spot starts soon & I'm part of a group working to ensure the facilities & decor of our New Stand will be a credit to our Club.

 In short I get involved wherever my drive, determination & organisation can be used for the good of our Club and supporters.

 I am good at putting people together to achieve success & I believe I lead by example. With your support I will continue to use these skills & be part of what is an exciting time for our Club.

In the wider world of football I would like to encourage more women to stand as Trustees - it's possible to move from the Big Bank to the Boardroom - I did!

Thank you for your support & UTC !  



Pete Holding

Born and bred in Exeter, I have always been a City fan, proud to be a Grecian and am a season ticket holder for the Big Bank.


I was re elected as a Trustee 2 years ago and resigned to ensure a smooth management of trustee resignations over the next few years I am seeking immediate re-election.


I play a very active role on the Trust Board particularly re the Club’s finances and its Governance (I sit on the Club’s Governance Group) and am Chair of the Trust’s Finance and Governance Group.


We have made good progress especially in relation to the financial information the Trust receives. I have been integral in ensuring we have this vital information which allows us to understand the financial wellbeing of the Club.


Clubwise I have had the privilege of being Director and have responsibility for various HR projects, and am a member of the Governance Group and Chair the group responsible for ensuring that the maximum commercial gain is achieved from the new Grandstand.


At the moment things seem really positive, a new manager has brought a sense of excitement and anticipation, we have been to Wembley twice in two years, sold a number of players to higher level clubs a real progress has been made .However a difficult external environment remains especially the amount of money others are putting into other Clubs remains as does the issue of our reliance on windfalls to sustain our present playing budget. It is vital that we do not take a short term view and use any windfalls sensibly to invest to ensure lower more efficient running costs and /or additional revenue as well as of course additional monies to for the playing budget .This will undoubtedly require further difficult discussions and decisions; I will not shirk from them as I have not done over the past years.


The skills I have acquired during my career as a lawyer and Director of a Plc have enabled me to contribute to the Trust and Club Boards both in terms of the collective group and my individual responsibilities particularly on the legal and financial side.

If re-elected I would continue to serve to the best of my ability and work with others for the good of our Trust and Club.


I would be truly grateful for your support.


Peter Holding 



Christopher Phillips 


The first game I attended at St James Park was the FA Cup 2nd round game, against Walsall, on a wet 6th January 1968. We lost 3-1, but as with many supporters, that game has led to a lifetime of following City home and away ever since.

I am a season ticket holder, awaiting the opening of the new stand with anticipation and a long-standing Trust member. For thirteen seasons, I played low level local amateur Saturday and Sunday league football and have also completed the Level 1 FA Coaching course.

My work history centres on finance. I am a qualified accountant and have extensive experience of providing financial analysis and advice within organisations whose annual operational budgets exceed £1 billion. I consider that in addition to a professional finance background, I have a strong set of principals and common sense, which would be of value to the Trust Board in assessing our financial strength and that of the football club.

Exeter City’s past has been a pattern of highs and lows. I have been a supporter through relegations, dropping out of the football league, promotions, appearances at Wembley, which I never thought would happen and the draw at Old Trafford, a specific highlight. However, I well remember the circumstances that led to the Trust taking the majority shareholder position. At present, we appear to

be in the strongest position, off the pitch, financially and in other respects, than at any stage in our history. It is important that we maintain and ideally, grow from this strong base. My aims and interests, if elected, would be to ensure that we properly plan for the future, considering all factors that might affect the Club, to secure long-term sustainability. We need a conversation about the Trust and Club’s ambitions for the future and make sure that these are widely known to the Trust members and Club supporters.

The Trust and Club positively promote the interests and welfare of fans in a variety of ways, including equal opportunities, supporting women and disability teams and implementing a safeguarding policy. We seek to call ourselves a family club, with links to the community and again, we should strengthen these where possible. There is sometimes a difficult balance to hold between the emotions of a football fan and their welfare and we should strive to make all supporters aware of their own responsibilities in terms of overall fan welfare.

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