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The Exeter City AFC Supporters Society (the Trust) has been influencing Exeter City FC (the Club) for the past 24 years. Originally formed in 2000 to assist in the payment of a player’s salary it went on to purchase a majority shareholding (57.25%) in 2003, and in 2014 obtaining voting parity on the club’s Board of Directors, allowing at present 3 Trustees and the Trust Chairman to sit on that board.

Over those 24 years the Trust has contributed circa £2m in donations and even more besides for specific projects and fundraising appeals, totalling in excess of £65k. As well as monetary benefit, volunteer effort is estimated to be in the region of £250,000pa – a direct result of Supporter Ownership.


The Trust has also donated considerably to the club’s charitable arm, the Exeter City Community Trust, through sponsorship of the Exeter City Women’s team, the Sporting Memories initiative, and ad-hoc contributions. The Trust has also contributed £6,250 to various Heritage Lottery projects within the ground/stadia in promotion of the Club’s history and heritage. It has also sponsored the refurbishment of the Clubs main hospitality suite and during 2019/20 season, has sponsored the Clubs Academy.


The Trust is a firmly democratic organisation where members of the Trust Board are elected by its (circa) 4,300 membership. Trustees are elected for 3-year periods and can remain sitting for a maximum of 9 consecutive years. Typically, the Trust Board totals 12 elected Trustees (there is a maximum of 15 allowable but 3 places are typically reserved for co-opted skills) and 4 officers. At present the Trust Board present a wide range of skills and ages.

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