Introducing the Officers of the ECFC Supporters' Trust



Trust Secretary

Phil attended his first Exeter City game in November 1976 and has been hooked ever since. 


Throughout the Trust era at ECFC, Phil has been a regular member of the post match clean up crew and took part in many of the Cat and Fiddle work parties. 


Returning to the city after a long period living behind enemy lines and travelling, Phil volunteered to help the trust and took up the post of trust secretary in 2018.

The trust secretary organises Trust Board Meetings, the AGM and Trust Board Elections and generally supports the Trust Chair and Trust Board as required.

To contact Phil, please email



Trust Finance Officer

Steve became the Trust’s Finance Officer in August 2015, a role which covers many areas such as the day-to-day management of the Trust’s financial affairs and liaising with the Trust’s Membership Secretary, Club employees and local and national suppliers.


The role also takes responsibility for the preparation of the Trust’s annual accounts and compliance with a number of statutory obligations such as the annual FCA return. As part of his role, he is also a member of the Finance and Governance Working Group and the Ownership and Membership Working Group.

It was the ownership model of the Trust and being able to play an active part in the decision making process that attracted him to the position and he believes that the stability of this has more than demonstrated itself over the unsettling times of 2020 and beyond.


On a personal level, he has worked in corporate financial services for over 20 years and been following City for even longer, having first been taken along by his father at an early age.



Trust Board Minute Taker

Pete stood on the half-way line in the Cowshed with his 8 year old son balanced on a stool alongside him. The son is now nearly 40 and supporting City from the other side of the world in Sydney.

Pete thought he’d better put to use some of the skills he’d learnt in his career as an English teacher so he now writes the minutes of the Trust Board meetings.