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Donations to Kit Out the Cliff Hill are now closed. You can still donate directly to the club here.

Yes, this is the final update because together we've not just reached our target of £60,000 to kit out our new building at the Cliff Hill, we've exceeded it!

The final total is £63,000, an absolutely amazing amount, sincere thanks to every single one of you who has helped us successfully complete this project.
You might have donated money individually, or been part of a supporter group which donated, you may have come to a fundraising event, bought raffle tickets or a badge, bid for an online auction item, donated raffle prizes or volunteered to help at an event, or even put on your own event and then donated the proceeds - together we have been able to support our Club, knowing that what we have funded at the Training Ground will be used by our players and staff every day.

A special mention to our many Supporters' groups who continue to respond to all appeals, large and small. Many of whom have made repeated donations to Kit out the Cliff since it was launched in March 2022.

So our thanks to these Grecian Groups:

  • Cans4City

  • Senior Reds

  • North Devon Grecians

  • Grecian Goal

  • Exeter City Foundation

  • Yorkshire Grecians

  • The ExEC100 Club

  • East Midlands Grecians

  • Great Western Grecians

  • East Devon Grecians

  • The Supporters' Club

  • Exeweb  

  • The Exiles


Work continues at the Training Ground, we'll keep you informed every step of the way, after all, we couldn't
have done it without you, the Exeter City Family.

Thank you to everyone who has donated.

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