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A Message from the Chair

Nick Hawker congratulates the City men on their promotion to League One

Chair of the Supporters' Trust Nick Hawker has issued his congratulations and thanks to Matt Taylor, the Men's team and Supporters of Exeter City, as the Grecians triumphantly return to Sky Bet League One.

Chatting after Monday's open top bus parade through the centre of Exeter, Nick said:

"These moments are rare and provide everybody connected with the club an opportunity to celebrate. Players, staff, volunteers and supporters.
And let’s not forget, there will be many new visiting teams to St James Park next season, many of whom will hopefully add to the vibrancy and economy of Exeter in general. Things are looking good, the reds are going up!"

Exeter City know of the benefits promotion brings, including new clubs coming to St James Park next season.

The only way to get priority status tickets for upcoming matches against Derby County, Sheffield Wednesday and Plymouth Argyle amongst others is to join the Exeter City Supporters Trust.

Own the Moment and Join the Trust today👇

We can't wait to see you again next season!

Up the City!

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