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Andros Trip 2024


Every Year Supporters of Exeter City make the annual pilgrimage to Greece for the Summer Holidays. The Trust are excited to announce the plans for this year's trip to the Isle of Andros.

Find out the itinerary and the shirt below thanks to Neil Le Milliere, who is contactable via:



I’ve been asked by a number of people whether there is a trip this year and there is indeed though it’s a bit of a staggered affair with various Exiles and others coming and returning at different times.


Wayne and Jane, TT friends of mine are there from 5-20/6; Neil, Julie, Steve, and Ben are there from 14-28/6 (coincidentally we arrive on the day of the opening match in the Euros and we return on the first day of the rest days between the Group and Knock-Out matches; Lisa and Phil Hopewell there from 17-29/6; John, Kim, and Abby Soper are there from 18-28/6; Paul, Bev, Will, Alyssa, James, and Stephanie (mostly Loverings) are there from 18-26/6; and Spike, Tina, and Quinn from 26/6-9/7 (due to Quinn's exams they couldn't come until the 24/6 (and then Ryan bumped their flight!).


If anyone is interested in coming and wants to know more then there is still time and flight prices with Aegean on our flights from Heathrow to and back from Athens are currently £269 return carry-on bag or there are plenty of other alternatives available, happy to look into if anyone wants help.


THE TOUR POLO SHIRT- You don't know have to buy the shirt


Every year we have a tour polo shirt for those that would like one and this year will be no different and the other tradition is a change of colour and this year we hope to have Orange. You can see an example from 2012 below. It will have the Exeter Club Badge plus top and bottom rockers with the year on the left breast; the badge of the team we played when we originally went over on the right breast; and the Greek flag on the right sleeve.


It has become a bit of a tradition that if we lose anyone over the years, we remember them by having their details on the left sleeve of the shirt and unfortunately this past year we lost Langers, Chris Lang as most of you know so that will be added to the left sleeve.


Although he only came on a few tours due to family commitments in later years he was the only person. apart from myself, to have every tour shirt from the start.


If you’re interested in a shirt then let me know your size. We keep the cost down to a minimum and last year’s was £24.

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