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Annual FA Cup Final ticket ballot now open!

Enter the members-only draw before May 31

We are proud to announce our annual draw for members to win FA Cup Final tickets is now open!

Every year we offer the chance for Supporters' Trust members to enter a prize ballot for a pair of tickets to Wembley Stadium as the curtain closes on another domestic season.

This year's crescendo is a tantalising Manchester Derby- the first ever at this stage of the competition- with potentially The Treble on the line for (the other) City. Erik ten Hag will be hoping his United side can stop the feat and regain the famous trophy for the 13th time.

The Trust and the club are proud that we have received two pairs of tickets in each end (i.e., 2 tickets in the MU end, 2 in the MC end).

All the tickets will be Category 1, thus some of the best seats in the stadium, and priced at £145 each so £290 for a pair, the same price as last season.

The match takes place on Saturday, June 3 at 3pm at Wembley Stadium, London.

As a Football Association member Club, Exeter City is automatically entitled to purchase a number of tickets for the FA Cup Final.

At most clubs, these are normally passed out or sold to Directors, Management or members of the playing staff but we are proudly continuing our tradition of splitting the allocation between the Club and the Trust.

Please note this match is subject to extra time and penalties if the score remains even at full-time.

You can only wear appropriate colours for whichever area you take tickets for or no colours at all. No colours from other teams, even our own, are allowed.

The other conditions that apply are that should you be successful you MUST use one yourself and then take whoever you like with you but you CANNOT take payment for the second ticket and you must sign a disclaimer covering these points when buying the tickets. A contract will be provided for signature.

To apply for tickets please email in this exact order

And hurry: The Deadline is May 31 at 5pm!


Priority Number [you must be a Trust member as at the date of 26/05/2023 to be eligible to enter and this will be checked]*:

Home Address*

E-mail Address*

Home, Work, and Mobile Phone numbers*

Confirm you want tickets for the City or United area at £145 each (£290 a pair):

*These details should match those held on the Club/Trust database. You can check this by e-mailing

Best of luck!

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