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Back to Brazil

Exeter City are going back to Brazil courtesy of five of our Devon County Cup winning Women's team.

A five-a-side team representing the Grecians will be travelling to Brazil at the end of the year to compete on the world stage.

Fresh from an heroic Devon County Cup victory the previous week, Exeter City Women's Steph Beck, Phoebe Baker, Anthea Kaptein, and 'One Of Our Own' Hall of Fame inductees Manfy Sharpe and Emily Toogood won themselves a trip to Brazil by winning the UK tournament of the Red Bull Neymar Jr's Five.

As the UK's national champions, our fab-five will travel to Brazil in December to compete against other national champions, with the winners of the World Final getting to play against Neymar Jr and his friends.

This will be the third time an Exeter City side will have travelled to Brazil, having famously done so in 1914 as part of the South American tour which led to the Grecians becoming the Brazilian national team's first ever opponents; and having returned a century later as part of the 2014/15 pre-season tour.

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