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Candidate Manifesto | Alistair Yates

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

After 19 years away from the Trust, I am seeking nominations for election to BOS to main its stability and ongoing development. I helped shaped the initial vision and constitution of the Trust, I actively played in part in recruitment and the financial management of the Trust when a Trustee. I was part of the founding group, I am a 1931er since the start and my family are members. My children are both Junior Grecians, I have supported the club since 1975.

Away from Exeter I am an FA qualified Level 1 youth coach retired, having run a youth team for 3 years. I referee matches in my local area. I am retired member of Round Table; I have help raise thousands of pounds in my local area. I have run my own supply chain business consultancy for the last decade. I am a certified programme manager and business specialist in organisational change and development. I have used these skills working in 30 countries to transform businesses and turnaround organisations.

I am looking to maintain the stability of the Trust, support the ongoing development of the Trust to increase its brand awareness, while looking at commercial opportunities to develop the Trust. I am delighted the Trust have implemented my manifesto idea of electronic voting; I am also delighted to see work on adjusting the share structure of the club. Two key areas in my manifesto last year.

I am standing for one very important reason only, for the Trust to actively promote its Trust elections in the wider Exeter community, to get more people standing and more people involved.

I live out of the area, but I attend matches regularly, I would attend meetings as required. I am available many matchdays for a conversation. With digital technologies I am confident I could be active for the Trust. I would treat your nomination vote with great care and responsibility. I understand the Trust are seeking competences I possess and would be delighted to volunteer.

Thanks! Al

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