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Candidate Manifesto | Luke Jones

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I have worked for ECFC since 2010, aged 16. I started my career here as a glass collector. I have always been a supporter of the club, attending my first game at the age of 5.

The Club is in my heart and soul. After years of supporting the Club on the terraces, I am now working alongside fantastic colleagues. I now feel that my experience, skills and passion can be of greater benefit to the Trust and the Club going forward from Covid-19.

From age 18, I have been working on the bars the majority of the week, passionate about my job and always with an eye for customer service and increasing revenue. I have been promoted to Bar Manager.

I am responsible for all bar areas at SJP. I am a good communicator with great people skills and I have a history of successfully working collaboratively with both Management and Trust Board to get the job done efficiently.

I am now 26 years of age and have a desire to further develop the CentreSpot/The Parks Corporate/Social. Being on the Trust’s Board would enable me to better focus on the raft of opportunities available to us. I would like to further enhance the “Brand” of The Centre Spot and The Park. I would also like to research the feasibility of moving towards a more cafe/bar culture. This I feel would work well given the students moving to Exeter from all over the world and living here right on our doorstep. I feel we can cater for their needs alongside our existing customers and potentially develop a new stream of customers and income.

ECFC and the Trust are at the heart of our City with a unique branding I feel we can further enhance.

I also suggest we look at comparisons with other EFL clubs, so that we can further develop. Our away supporters can then provide feedback in a positive format to the Trust/Club, which we can learn from and push forward.

I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE :- I promise that by voting for me, I will make sure all future opportunities will be fully utilised, our goals will be achieved with the end product of MORE FUNDS FOR E.C.F.C.

Finally if you do not vote for me, then I would ask that you do vote Trust Elections as a positive way you can guide ECFC.

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