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City for All returns for the 23/24 season

Last season the community tickets scheme - City for All – provided over 200 match tickets

As the effects of the energy and cost of living crises continue to impact our community, Exeter City Supporters’ Trust will be continuing to offer its City for All scheme which is designed to ensure individuals and families can still attend matches and support the team they love.

Last season the community tickets scheme - City for All – provided over 200 match tickets to adults, children, families or groups who would otherwise not have the opportunity due to financial or other circumstances.

The scheme, which is open to both existing supporters and new visitors, will be available again from the start of the 23/24 League One season.

The cost-of-living crisis means that many people go without the experiences some can often take for granted. City for All will provide access to match tickets for those across Exeter and beyond who would otherwise not be able to visit St James Park.

As a supporter-owned community football club, Exeter City wants to ensure that every supporter has a chance to make memories and socialise without being held back by economic circumstances. We are certain that with the growth of the City for All scheme, St James Park will continue to be the scene of many more enjoyable memories and will encourage the local community to unite whether or not financial hardship is a factor they endure.

Nick Hawker, Chair of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust said:

"Last year, Supporters’ Trust member Tom White proposed to the Trust this fantastic scheme. Supporters supporting not just the team and club, but one another as well! We are no ordinary football club, we have no ordinary supporters!"

Clive Harrison, Chair of the Supporter Experience Committee said:

"City for All has come about following a fantastic idea from Trust member Tom White, who has worked with us to develop the scheme which has seen over 200 individuals attend matches that they wouldn’t have been to afford if it wasn’t for the scheme. We would like to thank those supporters who donated Season Tickets they couldn’t use or made financial donations which has made it possible for us to increase the number of tickets available this season.”

"We are often asked what supporter ownership is all about, this scheme demonstrates wonderfully how individual members can contribute ideas that become a reality for benefit of the Community which we serve."

Clive added:

"Those who apply for tickets or are recommended by a group or organisation, can be assured of absolute confidentiality and while we can't guarantee to help everyone, we hope that with the support of fellow Grecians we can help as many people as possible enjoy a day out at St James Park."

Tom White, Exeter City Supporters’ Trust member said:

"I was eager to find a way that supporters who are going through challenging times can still feel part of our club and keep getting behind the Grecians on matchdays. Our message is ‘We are here for you’! I thank Exeter City Football Club and the Supporters’ Trust for getting behind my ideas from the word go and supporting me to develop City for All."

Exeter City Supporters’ Trust and Exeter City Football Club will contribute a number of matchday tickets toward the scheme, however if you would like to support the scheme there are several ways you can help:

Season Ticket Holders

If you are a Season Ticket holder and you are unable to attend an upcoming match you can contact and your ticket may be able to be reused by the scheme, provided they are donated 48 hours before the match, or in the event it cannot or the ticket is donated outside of this timeframe, then if it can be resold the club will donate a ticket for use by the scheme at a match later in the season.

General Donations

Fans are able to access the club’s ticket site and donate toward the scheme; this will cover the price of further tickets for distribution via the scheme or providing food and a drink at the game by visiting:

Tickets are distributed by:

Application, if you do not have the opportunity to attend a match at St James Park due to financial or other circumstances you can apply for tickets by completing the online application here (a few basic details will be requested.) Requests should be received a minimum of 48 hours prior to a match.

Nomination, if you know of someone who would benefit from the opportunity then you can nominate them by emailing: (a few basic details will be requested.) Requests should be received a minimum of 48 hours prior to a match.

Recommendation from

Exeter City Supporters’ Trust

Exeter City Community Trust

Exeter Community Initiatives

The Junior Grecians

Other groups that have applied to take part in the scheme (if you represent a group/charity who may be able to recommend people in need, who would benefit from this scheme, please email: to apply on behalf of your organisation.)

Successful applicants/nominees will be asked to abide by a few simple terms and conditions, details which will be made available when applying for the scheme.

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