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City for All update- Fan's feedback and Cambridge United

Positive feedback from beneficiaries of our ticketing scheme

The City for All ticketing scheme has provided City fans affected by the cost of living crisis with a new opportunity to attend on matchdays.

So far, we've had an excellent response to the scheme and are open for applications ahead of Saturday's visit of Cambridge United at the Park. (February 25, 3pm kick-off)

As a supporter-owned community football club, Exeter City wants to ensure that every supporter has a chance to make memories and socialise without being held back by economic circumstances.

We have received some great feedback from beneficiaries of the scheme and would like to share their responses:

  • I am so happy and I know my boy is going to be so excited (I'm going to keep it a surprise until the day). He's never been to watch Exeter City before but is always asking. Thank you so much- my boy is going to be buzzing!

  • Thank you so much. This has made my day. This will be my first time going, so I am really looking forward to it.

  • Thank you very much for your email and for kindly assigning me a Big Bank ticket for the Shrewsbury game.

  • That is great news. Thank you so much. This club is amazing! I really do appreciate it.

  • The City for All scheme is a brilliant idea and another example of the "human" community conscience at Exeter City. I am currently out of work and struggling so to be able to go to the game will help me feel more human and connected to the world-- so, thank you!

If you are a season ticket holder who knows you will not be attending Saturday's fixture, you can donate your ticket to the scheme by contacting

Your ticket may be able to be reused by the scheme or in the event it cannot, then it can be resold with the club donating a ticket for use by the scheme at a match later in the season.

For general donations, fans are able to access the club’s ticket site and donate toward the scheme (; this will cover the price of further tickets for distribution via the scheme or providing food and a drink at the game.

If you do not have the opportunity to attend a match at St James Park due to financial or other circumstances, or would like to nominate a fan for the scheme, you can apply for tickets by emailing (a few basic details will be requested.)

Or you can apply for tickets by completing the application here:

We still have a few Big Bank tickets up for grabs and look forward to helping the community pack the Park on Saturday.

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