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Cliff Hill Training Ground Update

Project to resume with a new developer

Following a thorough exploration of potential options to create a new facility at the Cliff Hill Training Ground, the club can confirm that negotiations have now taken place with a new developer. The details of the contract are being finalised, with the intention to sign a new deal in the very near future.

The developer was the club’s second choice provider during the original tender process. The new contract is at a higher, but affordable cost, but ensures the development will go ahead this year – with a slight delay in terms of installation – but with no change to the original design of the building. More details will be released as they become available. The modular units will be constructed off site and assembled at the training ground.

Nick Hawker, chair of the club board and of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust, said: “The building at the Cliff Hill Training Ground has come to the end of its useful life, so it is imperative that we replace it. Of course, we were disappointed that our original developer withdrew, but our project team has worked incredibly hard to negotiate a new contract, which we anticipate will be agreed and signed imminently.”

Following this, it is expected that the offsite construction will begin this month, the site work at the training ground will take place in August, with the new building assembled at the ground in late autumn.

Nick added: “We have a fantastic fundraising campaign underway, which has been led by our club and trust board director Elaine Davis, to ‘Kit out the Cliff’ and we’ve already had some incredible donations and commitments from sponsors and fans alike.”

If you’d like more information about the Kit out the Cliff campaign, email

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