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Club Board Directors

I’m sure by now many of you will have seen the club’s announcement regarding new appointments to the Club Board.

Achieving success, remaining sustainable, and providing a good match-day experience is an aspiration that we, both Club and Trust, wish to pursue with all our hearts. As with any business, it is vital that we get the right skills and resource into those areas that will help us create the pathway.

We’re grateful to Jonathan, Jeremy, and Clive for offering their time, free of charge, for believing in the model, and for wanting to commit to our pursuit of sustainable success.

I know it is important to reassure our members that these appointments do not compromise Trust voting parity on the Club Board, and I’m happy to do so. They are unchanged.

We are desperate to ensure that the rewards of our recent labours are not wasted, and that they help make us a better club long term. Each component of the business benefits the other, creating an environment within which our fabulous academy can succeed, a team for whom players wish to play, and a stadium that supporters, both home and away, wish to visit.

The appointment of these new directors, alongside our current management team and staff, will help us to ensure we are best equipped to maintain, improve and further sustain this goal! #OneGrecianGoal!!!!!

I’m not at all sure that our new appointments are going to make Matt’s first 11, I suspect not! I am sure though, that our commercial efforts will be first class, that our compliance around running the academy, the stadium, and the technology behind our operations will be better than ever, and that people at the club will feel better supported.

Things will not change overnight, some things won’t work as planned, and some successes will come as complete surprise, but for the main part, we’re in a good place, and I believe, in safe hands!

Finally, as we approach our first home game, can I say thank you, on behalf of the Trust, to all the amazing staff and management who are doing so much to make the day safe and memorable!

I hope that everybody enjoys the occasion and please, be safe! If you’re in the city centre over the next few weeks don’t forget to drop-in to our engagement hub in Princesshay. It will be great to see you!

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