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Club Vacancy | Internal Auditor

The Club board has established an Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee (ARC) which will oversight the Club’s risk and control framework and is seeking an internal auditor to assist its work.

The Club board has been restructured with distinct cohorts of executive directors and non-executive directors which will be familiar to those Trust members with experience of company governance structures and is very standard in corporate life. The ARC comprises the independent non-executive directors who are recruited for their professional and commercial experience, and then beside them are the Trust-nominated directors who serve on the committees which oversight the Club finances and the supporter experience. All non-executive director positions are un-remunerated and held by volunteers.

To assist its oversight the ARC wants to recruit an experienced internal auditor who can undertake on-site audit reviews, write reports, and present them to the committee. It is impossible at this stage to be precise on the time commitment, but it is likely to be in the range of 20 days in the first year and perhaps increasing to around thirty days once established. The role holder will have considerable discretion on the timing of when the work is undertaken.

Rather than advertise externally the Club wants to first offer the opportunity to Trust members who are experienced in the field. Ideally a volunteer would come forward, but the Club is also prepared to consider a member who requires some remuneration for the role. The desired result is that the Club board has access to proper professional internal audits which over a cycle independently review all the key controls operating within the Club. This is a particularly interesting opportunity for an experienced internal auditor who wants to assist the Club upgrade its control framework and to see the internal workings of the Club they support.

This role has not been undertaken previously and therefore requires specific abilities in establishing a new role and the inter-personal skills to gain an organisational understanding of an unfamiliar activity. In plain terms: not hacking everyone off! If you would like to offer your services for this role, please send your details and requirements to by April 9.

Your interest in the role will be hugely appreciated.

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