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Community Working Group looking for Volunteers

The Trust Community Working Group is looking for volunteers from the Trust membership to help plan, promote and deliver projects and initiatives within the local, wider and footballing communities.

Currently the group is almost entirely made up of current trustees and Trust officers so some fresh input and ideas is always welcome.

Group Lead Doug Gillard says:

“The group is still very much a blank canvass, previously it leant itself more to history and heritage but now the focus is on being visible within the community through collaboration and shared projects with our partners at Exeter Community Initiatives and members of the Exeter City ‘family’ like the City Community Trust”

Doug continues

“One of our more ambitious projects is to help expand the South West Supporters Trusts Group that has Trusts from Plymouth in the West as far as Hereford in the North getting involved in discussions around how we run our respective Trusts, relationships with owners and how being in this part of the country brings very unique trials and tribulations” .

This group has been commended by the FSA for being the only one of its kind in the country.

Group meetings are scheduled every six weeks, most are held on Zoom so Group members can join the discussion in the comfort of their own home.

This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who wishes to make a difference on the Trusts behalf within our community and an excellent pathway for anyone considering putting themselves forward in a Trust Board election. You will gain valuable experience of the Trust mechanism while working closely with incumbent trustees and officers.

For further information, email Doug,

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