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Director of the Day Draw: Leyton Orient

Congratulations to Grant Coleby
We're pleased to announce that the winner of the Director of the Day for our home Sky Bet League One match against Leyton Orient on Saturday September 9 is Grant Coleby who was second on the list and accepted.

Grant will be bringing Shauket Nazir with him as his guest. Shauket is joining the Trust to attend.

The prize got to Grant because the first person was moving back to University on Saturday.

In addition to the winner the following nine were on the potential winners’ list: Paul Davey; Adam Cornish; Brian Stone; Martin Cook; Adam Galt; Roy Huxley; Steven Darke; Andrew Blight; and Imogen Court.

The geographical spread of the ten drawn out for this match was two living in Exeter; one each in E17 London, Honiton, Bristol, Barnstaple, W1 London, Exmouth, and Bristol. One person has provided no location details.

All on the list provided phone numbers and all but one (not the same one who didn’t provide location details) provided email addresses.

Please remember that if you were lucky enough to be drawn out, Neil Le Milliere needs to contact you quite quickly, so up to date details are essential as if they are not then you run the risk of him not being able to get hold of you in time to offer the prize, so why not check and update them (if necessary) yourself?

In addition if you don't have an up-to-date e-mail address this hinders the Trust being able to contact you via e-mail which saves them money and thus means more money available to pass on to the club.

Go to to check your details.

If you have never logged in, and two on the list haven't then you can find out your details by e-mailing to get your login and current details to check.

Congratulations to Grant and Shauket, we hope you have a great time at our 20th anniversary celebrations.

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