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EFL Statement: Clubs Discuss Project Big Picture Proposalss

EFL Clubs have today met by division to consider the recently announced ‘Project Big Picture’ proposals.

The meetings, led by EFL Chair Rick Parry, provided all Clubs with an overview of discussions to date in respect to the development of the proposals, before providing all Clubs with an opportunity to discuss the issues in full.

The proposals, which look to address the long-term economic imbalance across the football pyramid while also addressing the short-term financial need created as a result of COVID-19, received strong support, with an overwhelming majority of Clubs indicating a willingness to discuss the proposals further on the basis that the primary benefits for the future of the English pyramid are clear.

It was agreed that the proposals must be addressed and discussed in detail across all stakeholders for the benefit of the English game, and while there are no specific timescales for what happens next, there is a clear need for a progress in this matter as quickly as practically possible.

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