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Exeter City awarded EFL Gold Family Excellence Status for 2022

Club rated second best for family experience in League Two

While the team on the pitch have been securing promotion, the team behind the scenes at St James Park have won a special accolade for Exeter City this season.

For the club has once again been awarded EFL Family Excellence Gold Status, one of only 12 to receive the accolade across the EFL, reflecting the club’s commitment to engaging families and young fans at the ground.

It’s the second year running the club has won the gold award, this season being placed second in League Two and an incredible eighth out of all 72 EFL Clubs.

Nick Hawker, chair of the Supporters’ Trust, said: “This is a fantastic accolade and reflects the hard work that goes on day-in day-out at our club, focused on ensuring the best experience possible for all of our fans.

“As a supporter-owned club we understand the importance of engaging with everyone who comes through our gates and this award really is a team effort. We’d like to thank every member of staff and every volunteer, really too many to mention, who have worked so hard to achieve this amazing award.”

Nick added: “We’ve all been through so much because of the pandemic, and it was incredible to be able to welcome fans back to St James Park, and to have the hard work of our dedicated and committed team recognised by this award makes this season even more special.”

The report stated: “Fantastic engagement from the Club's people. While moving up in status on the pitch, the Grecians continue to provide a world class experience for new families off it with its people continuing to be a clear USP. Added to that are the comprehensive info provided by the website; an excellent stadium vicinity experience with a meeting point to reassure new fans; a fantastic kids' zone with multiple activities and many different refreshments options too.

“When your visit includes fantastic engagement from the club's people…you can be sure that it is not only the team's performances that are lifting interest and attendances in Devon.

“There is clearly a culture of family engagement promoted at this club. From arrival at the ground through to when you leave, staff are all very positive and engaging.”

The club received ‘mystery family’ visits in November 2021 and February 2022. It was judged on the following areas: first impressions, social media, travel, stadium vicinity, retail, refreshments inside the stadium, people, friendliness and feeling valued.

EFL Chief Executive, Trevor Birch, said: “I would like to congratulate the record number of Clubs that have achieved Family Excellence status this season. Ensuring a memorable matchday experience is vital to attract the next generation of young fans so it’s great to see so many clubs excelling in this area”.

“Fans returning to EFL clubs in their millions this season has been fantastic to see and club staff should be commended for going the extra mile to make the matchdays engaging for families attending live games.”

A full list of EFL Clubs to receive the Family Excellence status can be found on here.

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