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Trust Statement: Football Governance Bill

The Exeter City Supporters' Trust and Exeter City Football Club welcome the announcement from the Rt Hon Lucy Frazer MP, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport around the introduction to parliament of the Football Governance Bill.


This commenced its journey to parliament as a ‘Fan Led Review’, where football club supporters across the pyramid were invited to comment on the state of football governance.  More recently, the review has become the driver for a fairer financial deal for EFL clubs from the Premier League.  This remains unresolved. 


At Exeter City we can clearly demonstrate the value of EFL clubs, and indeed the entire football pyramid, to the Premier League.  Our academy has consistently provided players who now feature in both Premier League and international squads.


Whilst the inability of football to govern itself is sad, as a community club owned by its supporters, we remain a demonstration that there is an alternative to the more traditional style of ownership that can present an ethos that benefits both the community in general, and the football community specifically.  We continue to protect our club’s heritage for the future, and the sustainability of the club itself.  We must ensure that our model is taken notice of.  There is room for every school of thought, but they must be driven by a common ethos. 


The Fan’s views must not be lost as this important work navigates the politics and preferences of authoritative bodies.


We will endeavour to keep you informed as things progress but you can read the full bill here:

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