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Kit out the Cliff update- November 22

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Over £55,000 raised
The Kit out the Cliff campaign has raised a staggering £55,540 for the Cliff Hill Training Ground!

We'd like to send a special mention to two City fans in the Midlands for their generous donations.

Another huge thank you to two City Foundation winners, who passed on their winnings to the campaign. As always a thank you too to all those who have donated via the club's ticket website.

In March, the campaign began ticking off our shopping list and now we're excited to say we only have one more item to cover!

We need a multitude of shelving and storage units to fit out the building and with your help we can cover the cost of these too.

The building continues to evolve and very soon we will begin to use the Kit out the Cliff fund to buy some of the necessary items - another great milestone in the campaign.

As always we will continue to use donations carefully and wisely to get the very best outcome for the Club and Academy.

Another huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far and can you help us get over the line to the £60,000 target? .

How to Donate

You can contribute in the following ways: By bank transfer to:

ECFCST Light up the Park Sort Code: 30.80.37 Account number 10751963 By going to:

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