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Kit out the Cliff update- October 28 2022

Update regarding our fundraiser

We are proud and thankful to announce the Kit out the Cliff fundraiser has now raised £49,235.

The increase since our last update has come from those of you who took part in our first Quiz night from entrance fees & raffle tickets, a few more Promotion badge sales, from a very generous donation from Grecian Goal pledges & from everyone of you who donated via the Club website on the New Tickets page in September.

And there's more to come.

We've yet to add the income from our online auction which was very successful thanks to your generosity.

There are still a couple of payments to collect before we confirm the amount raised by the auction but our next update total will definitely be over Fifty-thousand pounds!

Then we'll begin to count down , so as we raise more money the total needed will begin to shrink.

Remember we started with a shopping list?

At present all donations are going towards the Dishwasher for the kitchen, it was costed at £5,000 & we now need £2974.41 to complete it.

After that we only have 3 items left - Noticeboards, Whiteboards & Shelving.

We've done so well, Grecians, you are the best!

Thank you.

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