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The Fecrace is Back!

Well this has been a long time coming BUT.... WE’RE BACK! The Famous Exeter City Real Ale & Cider Emporium will be open next Saturday from 12:30 for all Grecians and Bantams wanting a real ale, a real cider or a pasty from our new Chunks Suppliers.

The team have been at the Park today to get things all ready to roll, and can’t wait to serve all you lovely people some great Beers:

Grecian Ale

Plus Thatches Rascal and Big Apple ciders.

We’ll also have a stock of the new range of hot food from Chunks though at this stage we don’t know exactly what or how much so I would suggest you need to come early to ensure you have a choice and get something.

Have a look at the article on the website to get a rundown of what might be on the menu:

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