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Trust Board Update and Meeting Dates for 2021

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Following the meeting on Monday evening, we are delighted to confirm that the various roles of the Trust board have been confirmed for the next year.


Nick Hawker (pictured)

Deputy Chairman

Mark Cordell

Working Group Leads

Will Barrett - Communications and Engagement

Doug Gillard - Community

Pete Holding - Finance and Governance

Richard Knight - Ownership and Membership

In addition, Elaine Davis, Clive Harrison, Nick Hawker, and Peter Holding will continue as the Trust's representative directors on the club board.

We would also like to thank those members who participated in the Part A section of the December meeting, and will post details on how to join the next meeting on Wednesday, January 6 (full 2021 schedule below).

Proposed Trust Board Dates 2021

Wednesday, January 6

Monday, February 8

Monday, March 8

Wednesday, April 7

Monday, May 10

Wednesday, June 9

Wednesday, July 7

Wednesday, August 4

Wednesday, September 8

Monday, October 11

Monday, November 8

Wednesday, December 8

As always, should you have any questions or comments, please contact us via

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