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Trust Review 2020

We are pleased to announce the official publication of the Trust Review for 2020.

The Trust Review was constituted by a members’ motion at the 2018 AGM. The High Level Requirement contained in the terms of reference for the review, as mandated by the motion, is as follows:

“To review and comment upon how the Trust Board and its officers communicate matters to its members to ensure maximum understanding of Trust Board function and its engagement with the Club. "To specifically review and comment upon the content and communication to members of matters reserved for Trust Board Meeting Part B matters, including a review on requirements around confidentiality (i.e. the need for). "To review the adherence of legislative requirements in respect of GDPR and of member information.” The Reviewer, Dr Mike Finn, a Trust member but not a Trust officer, was appointed by the Trust Board in consultation with the movers of the motion in May 2019.

The research project was originally intended to complete with a presentation for the 2019 AGM, but for health reasons this was not possible. The Review includes extensive research using published primary material relating to the evolution of the Trust model and the development of the club, plus dozens of confidential and on-the-record interviews with Club staff, Trust officers, and figures from the football sphere including staff of the Football Supporters Association. Mike Finn has expressed his gratitude for all of the support shown to him in the production of The Review, and for the interviews from other Football Clubs and Trusts that have played a role the Trust movement (past and present), including Northampton Town Supporters Trust and Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Trust. A survey of the Trust membership was also conducted in early April 2020.

In turn, the Trust wishes to echo Dr. Finn's gratitude, and also thanks Mike on behalf of the membership for his commitment and professionalism in producing The Review for 2020.

To read the Trust Review in full or to obtain a downloadable copy of the document, please click here

As always, should you wish to comment on the Trust Review or have any further enquiries, then please feel welcome to get in touch

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