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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The Trust are currently seeking a new person to take on the role of Membership Secretary...

The Membership Secretary (an ‘Officer’ of the Trust) maintains primary responsibility for the membership records and is accountable for their payment records, the integrity of the data, and the safe keeping of the data in line with current legislation.

The successful applicant will be a primary point of contact for potential, existing, and lapsed members, and as such will be required to present the Trust and membership in a positive and progressive way that will help to define the Trust’s reputation and ethos.

The role comprises the management, maintenance, and reporting on membership data. The Membership Secretary reports directly to the Trust Secretary and is a pivotal contributor to the Ownership Working Group.

This is a remunerated role with flexible hours, so should you be interested in finding out more about the job, or wish to apply, then please do contact the Trust Secretary, Phil Burden via

The deadline for applications is Friday, September 18.

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