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i. Former Trustee on the Board of Society Exeter City Trust.  Club supporter since January 1951. 


ii.Held Senior Management Role which regularly involved making challenging decisions. Chaired several committees. Parent governorships and PTA Chair for Hampshire and Devon schools. 


iii.Restore confidence in the original democratic concept of Trust Ownership.  Enhance club communication, encourage private investment, establish a close link with the academy. 


iv. Threat to the current EFL structure. Need to encourage the club to campaign for a financial level playing field starting with both teams to receive an equal 45 per cent share of all gate receipts.  

David Thompson (Re-Run 2023).jpeg


My Request to all Trust members- Please vote


As one of the ORIGINAL successful candidates voted on to the Trust board for the first time, this was one of my most proudest moments BUT I fully back the rerunning of the election.


I have the pleasure interacting with a varied range of supporters VIP to child on the big bank all have desire for ECFC success.


Eco-Friendly technology, self-sustainable/renewable energy- maximise non-match day revenues. To be aware that success is focused on the pitch but the measure is well beyond 3 points on a Saturday.



Trust election integrity is non-negotiable; upholding transparency, accessibility, and non-partisanship in elections safeguards the democratic foundation, ensuring every voice is heard and every vote counts. My full succinct manifesto emphasizes transparency, accessibility, and non-partisanship as essential elements in safeguarding the integrity of the ECFCST elections, preserving the core principles of OUR CLUBS democracy.

Alistar Yates (Re-Run 2023).png


I helped draft our Trust constitution and later completed a full review.


I’ve served on the Trust Board for eighteen years in total. 


I volunteer running/organising Director for a Day/high-profile matchticket draws; an active member of the Trust OMWG; and help run the FECRACE.


I’m on the FSA National Council, act as Election Management Group Chair/Nominations/Returning Officer for other Trusts and other roles. 


I can share my Football/Trust experiences offering help/advice wherever needed.


My debating/influencing/analytical skills are well suited to job of Trustee.


We should continue to support the Trust/Club. The more supporters involved the more successful we can be.

Neil HandS City Shirt Head.jpg


I have been a City fan all my life and season ticket holder for over 30 years.


I’ve volunteered at the Club consistently over a long period of time and currently help serve on the


I have skills I believe are well suited to the role of Trustee, including listening, debating, influencing,

analysing and decision making.

Having opted for a change in work life balance recently I have time available to devote to the role.

I believe in the Trust model and its continued success.

Michael Higgins 2023.jpg


I am a proven advocate of supporter ownership.  Involved for 10 years now (4 as Trust Secretary) the Trust and Club are starting to realise the potential of our model – success built upon sustainability.


I have chaired both Trust and Club boards concurrently and believe that we have attained a moment of close synergy without compromising the requirement upon the Trust to oversee, the club/Trust relationship that powers current levels of success.


Alongside sustainability we are now developing succession plans that will maintain our ethos and character. I would love my final 3-years to complete to plan!

Nick Hawker_edited.jpg


If elected I would like to focus on the Trust’s responsibilities within the local, wider and football communities. This will include our partnership with Exeter Community Initiatives and strengthening our bond with the Trusts from other clubs.


I would also like to bring smaller, less visible charities into the fold to help them thrive through collaboration and knowledge sharing.


This will go hand in hand with the responsibility of representing our members as the majority shareholder of Exeter City Football Club in the ever changing football environment through good choices and sticking to our core values and ethos.

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