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The role of the Community group is to engage positively within the community and to promote the ethos and values of the Trust. The ‘One Game One Community’ and ‘Kick-it Out’ are both hugely successful Trust initiatives, though delivered by the Exeter City Community Trust, which have been adopted by others. In recent years, the group has primarily diverged toward a focus on history and heritage. However, the group will now realign its focus, and create a new identity that demonstrates how the Trust reaches out to the community, both locally and nationally.


The role of the Communications group is to ensure that members remain appropriately informed of Trust activities. They are responsible for the Trust website, newsletters, social media feeds, printed promotional material, and the development of new resources to ensure members engagement.



The primary function is to report to the Trust Board as to the finances of the Club and its status as a “going concern”- in other words it has enough cash and reserves. To do this they receive financial information (management accounts, cashflows, budgets, etc.) from the club upon which they might ask questions for further clarity or detail to enable them to report to the Trust Board.

The group also reviews the general governance of the club as well of some of the more financial related processes and procedures and takes on tasks requiring skills most associated with them that includes reviewing Club business cases and its behaviour in carrying out its business.

The group manage the Trust finances as appropriate to the organisation, the preparation of the budget and monthly reports as to variances and to ensure the accounts are independently audited and presented to the Trust annual general meeting. The group also considers Trust reserves appropriate for its own purpose but also for aiding the club.


The role of the Ownership group is largely member facing, causing members to feel that they really do ‘own their football club’. This group are responsible for increasing membership, ensuring that forums are held on a regular basis (minimum of 3 per year), raising funds, and ensuring our members are cared for and considered at all times.



This group was formed by members of the community group to collect, preserve, share and celebrate the history and heritage of Exeter City Football Club. 

Working with partners from the University of Exeter, the group has received more that £150,000 pounds in funding from the National Lottery Heritage fund to create exhibitions and displays all around St James Park, and to deliver health and wellbeing and employability schemes at the football club. 

This work has recently led to the formation of the ECFC Museum Trust. An independent charity which serves to continue and build upon the work of the History and Heritage group, in collaboration with the club, Trust, and external partners. 

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