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Can you be 1 in a 100? Join GRECIAN GOAL this season.

Grecian Goal raises funds for specific City projects; sometimes small e.g. badges for guests on our ground tours, and sometimes much larger e.g. the City crest over the entrance to the Adam Stansfield Stagecoach Stand, and many more projects in between.

The FUNdraising scheme was created by former Stadium Manager Dacre Holloway, and for the past 10 years has been administered by Elaine Davis, Supporters’ Trust Trustee and Club Director of Community Engagement.

AIMS FOR 2020/21

Over the past four seasons, 40 pledgers have raised, on average, £4,000 per year to support the football club.

For 2020/21 Grecian Goal is aiming to increase this invaluable support by increasing its membership to 100 Pledgers, and raising at least £10,000 during the season.


Grecian Goal supporters make one or more pledges to last throughout the season.

Current pledges include £1 for each City goal, 50p for each City clean sheet as well as more imaginative ones - for example £1 every time the ball was hit out of the stadium was a great moneyspinner when our new stand was being built.

The choice of pledge & the amount pledged is up to you.

Elaine keeps track of what you owe and sends updates during the season, with the money being collected twice a year in January and May.


Usually, once a project has been identified all Pledgers are asked for their views, and if the majority agree the project is funded by Grecian Goal.

However, in this exceptional season, all money raised will go directly to supplement Matt

Taylor's budget. With 100 Pledgers we could raise £10,000.

To join or to find out more, please contact Elaine Davis at

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