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City Community Trust

At CITY Community Trust we’ve had a really busy six months; when the effects of the pandemic hit and we went into lockdown we had to stop all of our income-generating activity, so things like holiday clubs, running events and community activity stopped pretty much overnight.

We were fortunate to receive grants from Exeter City Council, Devon Community Foundation and Exeter City Supporters’ Club, which enabled us to adapt our delivery and work to support people in the community who were shielding or vulnerable.

In total, between March and August, we supported people across Greater Exeter with the following:

o 2,154 hours spent supporting the community

o £10,675 worth of shopping collected and delivered

o 98 prescriptions delivered

o 481 food parcels distributed

o 500 activity packs delivered.

I’m really pleased to say things are getting back to normal a little and we are delivering some activities again (within covid-safety guidelines). Thanks to everyone who supported us over this period, and I look forward to seeing you all again when we can safely return to the park.




Pick up a pen and get involved in our new programme which is helping to ensure people are not isolated as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people say they are missing interaction and connection with families, friends, neighbours and colleagues. So, at CITY Community Trust we have developed a unique programme which is designed to help us all to reconnect, pick up where we left off and make sure that people aren’t isolated or lonely.

Designed for older people living in Exeter, who feel they may have become more isolated because of the pandemic, the programme provides lots of opportunities for interaction, from telephone and ‘garden gate’ chats, to free activity packs and special Zoom sessions which offer sports talk, bake and chat and even some beginners’ IT training.

Of the activities on offer, one of the most special is the pen pals initiative. Youngsters in the city are being linked up with an older person to embrace good old-fashioned letter writing. You can choose to write about anything you like, or you can join the Grecian pen pals which links older and younger fans of Exeter City Football Club.

Di Lee, from Sidmouth, has signed up to be a Grecian pen pal. She said: ‘I think this is such a good idea, lots of people have become more isolated because of coronavirus, and to be able to link people up in this way is a lovely thing to do. I’m looking forward to writing and receiving my first letter.’

And she may receive a letter from 22-year-old University of Exeter student Ellie Doherr, who signed up to the programme. She said: ‘When I read about this initiative it just appealed to me and I felt motivated to get involved. If writing some letters could brighten someone’s day or just make a difference to a person who is isolated, it seems like a really lovely thing to do.’

The programme, which is called Tackling Loneliness Together, is being delivered in partnership with the EFL Trust and the Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport.

Jamie Vittles, chief executive of CITY Community Trust, said: ‘From the work we did, and continue to do, to support the community during lockdown we became very aware of the numbers of older people who were more isolated than before. We hope this programme will help us to reach to those people and make a real difference to their lives.’

If you, or someone you know, would like to be involved, please contact Jack Watts at


At city community trust we are delivering a new programme designed to help people develop their digital skills and improve job prospects.

Participants can choose from a range of free training options, designed to upskill them and improve employment prospects, which they complete in their own time at home.

The scheme is being delivered through Good Things Foundation and has been funded by - the philanthropic arm of the tech company and it forms part of the Government’s Skills Toolkit. Make It Click offers a wealth of free online learning resources. These include courses, tools and templates on a range of topics, from online job searching to social media and email. A new careers section of the site brings together support to create a CV, prepare for job interviews and present yourself online.

To find out more about the free courses, visit and register ‘City Community Trust’ as the centre you are learning in, or email or visit

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