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Cliff Hill Training Ground FAQs

The Trust is holding a members forum on Saturday to provide detailed information on the Clifford Hill Training Ground Development Proposal.

Ahead of the event, and subsequent vote of the members, below are answers to questions asked by members this week relating to construction.

This feature will be updated over the coming weeks to cover more themes, and should you have any questions of your own, please contact

Question: The proposed contractor offer “turnkey” solutions, based on the modular build, including design and construction. To what extent will they bear the financial risk of any issue’s in design (i.e. ground conditions), given that they will likely responsible for surveys?

Answer: Such surveys were completed prior to the tendering process and each tender was made on the basis that they did not compromise the construction or siting of the building. Therefore the risk will sit with the construction company in the event that they are unable to complete as a result of this. The contract sum also includes a contingency sum for unforeseen works. Q: Material prices are highlighted as a key issue for pursuing the development now. To what extent will the contracting mitigate any risks of this, both upside and downside? A: There is a provision for the potential increase to the cost of steel and cladding ahead of entering into the contract. This was estimated at 2% but we have amended this to 4%. The contractor has made a cost allowance for construction inflation during the contract. The allowance is capped with should the construction not reach the cap then the balance will not be charged to the club. Q: Who will bear the risk for schedule delays, and any inflationary impact of these (i.e. the cited material prices)? To what extent could schedule delays impact on the managers preparation of the team?

A: The contract conditions will prevail but delays outside of these will be the responsibility with of the construction company. Q: Does the price included in the financials including fit-out?

A: Fixed furniture and equipment (FF&E) is included within the contract sum. Loose FF&E or white goods are not.

Q: It is fairly common for building projects to increase in price during the construction stage due to risks such as unexpected ground conditions, bad weather etc. Could you advise please how much contingency has been allowed in the estimates for construction risks?

A: A contingency of 2% has been allowed for this.

Q: Please advise which industry standard form of contract will be used for the delivery of the building works.

A: JCT design & Build 2016

Q: Please advise who will be responsible for managing the building contract, supervising the works and resolving any commercial issues on behalf ECFC.

A: NPS South West

Q: Was the preferred supplier, Enviro Building Solutions Ltd, selected on the basis of lowest price or was account taken of wider considerations such as track record, quality of proposed solution, sustainability factors etc.?

A: Envro Building Solutions Ltd have provided the lowest price and also satisfactory to questions included in the tender. The ‘long list’ of tenderer was selected from market intelligence, capacity and capability and existing examples of work.

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