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Fan Led Review

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Last night the government published its long awaited Fan Lead Review, complete with recommendations. This is a major step forward in the governance of our game to which the Trust are proud to have contributed to.

Football has many stakeholders, the FA, Premier League, and EFL included, and we’re certain that each will be reviewing these recommendations diligently. This is to be expected and welcomed.

In the coming weeks and months, we must ensure that supporters remain at the heart of how this report evolves - by the supporters for the benefit of supporters. @WeAreTheFSA

You can read the full report here but we’re very happy to provide a summary of the key recommendations, which are:

Summary of the final report’s recommendations:

  • Governance: an independent regulator for football (IREF) which has the necessary investigative and enforcement powers is needed to prevent the recurrence of such developments as the ESL.

  • Finance: football’s model is unsustainable with too many clubs making losses. Pre-emptive action is needed and a regulator will impose stronger financial controls.

  • Engagement: proposals to embed democratic supporter organisations and engagement within the heart of domestic football.

  • Heritage: football stadiums, club badges, location, colours and competitions all deserve special protections. Fans to have a veto on these assets at every club via a “golden share” which is held by a democratic, legally-constituted fan group. These protections confer many benefits of ownership without supporter groups being required to raise capital.

  • Reform: half of the FA Board should be made up of independent non-executive directors, to reduce elite club influence. The FLR also recommends reform of the FA Council.

  • Distribution: the removal of restrictions on FA spending meaning more money redirected towards grassroots, non-league and women’s football.

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Shawn Peters
Shawn Peters

I'm having trouble clicking the link for the full report. (Probably an issue with my own tech knowledge . . .)

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