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Kit out the Cliff Update 18/08/22

An update on our Training Ground fundraiser

As usual, the Trust send a massive thanks to everyone who is supporting Kit out the Cliff.

A major donation since our last update has come from ExeWeb whose members have sponsored a TV for the Coaches office, with enough left over to start us off on our next targets which are:

Trolleys & Trays for the kitchen & canteen.

To donate via the ExeWeb fundraiser please visit the GoFundMe page here.

Thank you Exeweb.

Many fans and members have also donated to Kit out the Cliff recently by buying a Promotion badge, so a large thank you there.

Sales have covered the cost of a TV for the U23 changing room and future sales will join Exeweb's contribution reducing the amount needed for the Trolleys & Trays,

It i's now " only" £826 down from the original £1000.

Rain permitting , the last of the badges will be on sale in the Fan Zone on Saturday at of the Cheltenham Town fixture at £4 each.

We can't all afford to be so generous but we can all help our Club create a new home for our players at the Cliff Hill. Here's how -

We now have two wheelie bins, one in the Stagecoach Stand and one in the Fan Zone, they're giant money boxes with a slot in the top for any spare change you may have.

On Tuesday 6,800 of us were inside SJP, if everyone had put a 20p coin in one of the bins we could have raised £1, 90 minutes!!

So can we give it another go on Saturday?

We all know the slogan, "Every little helps" , let's see if we can make it come true.

Thank you Grecians.

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