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Members Forum | Clifford Hill Training Ground Development

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

11:00am Saturday 23rd October at the Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter

Trust members will have received details on the proposed redevelopment to the Clifford Hill Training Ground accommodation in advance of a member ballot to approve:

1. Under the terms of the Club Trust Agreement (2,vii) Exeter City AFC Limited will enter into a contract for the redevelopment of the Clifford Hill Training Ground accommodation with Enviro Building Solutions Limited, as detailed in the documentation made available to me.

2. That the Exeter City AFC Supporters Society Limited, make available to Exeter City AFC Limited, a loan up to the value of £600k. Such a loan, if requested, would be repayable over 4 years in quarterly instalments and, at the Trust discretion, interest may be charge on this loan at a rate based on the consumer price index +1%.

The meeting will be attended by:

· The Clifford Hill Training Ground development project team

· Julian Tagg (in his capacity of Director of Football)

· Keith Mason – Club Director of Finance

· The Chair and representatives from the Trust Board

The event is designed for you to ask questions of the people most involved in the project, to provide clarity, reassurance, and to answer whatever questions they’re able.

The Trust will also publish a Question and Answer table to this website, which includes the questions received so far from members along with our answers.

The Trust have employed a professional to video this member’s forum and provide an video for upload to the Trust YouTube channel in time for members who are unable to attend to view before the voting period closes.

Electronic voting - for members at August 2 and over 16 years old will open following completion of the member’s forum. Paper ballots have been dispatched to those members who have not provided an email address to the Trust.

This is an important vote. Have you changed your email address recently? Do you receive our Trust monthly newsletters? Did you receive an invitation to vote in the recent Trustee election?

If you are in any doubt please contact our Membership Secretary via or via 07414 676367.

Please don't miss out on your chance to vote.

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