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Re-Run Election FAQs

The nomination period is now open for the Supporters’ Trust election. This follows the Trust’s decision to re-run the election after a routine review identified an error in the transfer of data.

Please find below further information about the election:

How does the re-running of the election affect the Club Board?

The Club Board is unaffected by the re-run election process. Nick Hawker remains as Chair.

We want to reassure supporters that the business and management of the football club will continue as normal. An interim Trust Board chair has been elected and the process will not delay or affect any club decisions or business.

Who is on the Trust Board?

What format will the hustings take?

How do I stand for election?

How many Trust members are eligible to vote?

Why haven’t I received my Trust email about the election?

How can I find out more about standing for election?

Who are the members of the Exeter City Supporters’ Trust Election Review Group?

Please note these FAQs may be added to over time.

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