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📝 TRUST STATEMENT: Good Friday fixture

Trust explanation on the midday kick-off

Ahead of the Sky Bet League Two fixture between Exeter City and Colchester United on Good Friday, we have been asked by the Colchester United Supporters Association regarding the 13:00pm kick-off and would like to share our statement regarding the kick-off time.

Statement follows:

We at Exeter City asked for the time change when the fixtures came out, we have historically benefited from an early kick off from two perspectives.

Firstly the increase in crowds as people have time to do other family or social things later in the day and secondly the playing side benefit from the extra recovery time when fixtures are close together.

This principle is something we have applied successfully to Good Friday and Boxing Day fixtures and has always been well received in terms of uplift in attendance and being able to resource the staffing of the fixture which is often challenging on bank holidays.

Malcolm Cole of the Colchester United Supporters Association has responded.

"Thank you for your concise reply. Though it is not something that benefits all supporters... It was good to see Exeter City put out a statement which makes the situation clear."

End of statement.

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