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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

It is safe to say that the past six months have seen all at Exeter City Football Club adapt in ways that none of us would have anticipated as we rolled into 2020 in such good form both on and off the pitch.

Having said that, so much work goes on behind the scenes that we were as prepared as any club in the Football League, and as such the efforts of all have been greatly appreciated by those fortunate enough to be involved in the day-to-day activities of the Supporters’ Trust.

For the ‘comms’ group, we have used this time to produce a new strategy for 2020 to 2025, which will adapt and develop each season as the needs of the membership requires and as technology develops.

As such we have launched a new version of the Trust website and are now producing greater levels of content, which is designed to produce clear information about not only the aims, activities and achievements of the Trust, but also what is going on in the world of football that we are all a part of.

We have also worked with Trust members to research and test electronic voting, and have been delighted with the response to the announcement that we will be able to deliver online voting for the membership for future contested elections.

On that note, the opportunity to nominate candidates for the 2020 election is now available, so please do visit for more information. Furthermore, the comms team will be collaborating with the Ownership and Working Group to build on the recent successes of our fascinating Fan Forums by ensuring that all activities related to the election are streamed and recorded online for all to view.

Beyond the Trust, we are grateful as always to Scott Palfrey and the always excellent media team at the club for their continued support and the quality of their content, and we aim to work more and more with all parts of the ECFC family, including CCT and our many fans groups to promote the aims, activities and achievements of all parties.

I would also like to say a note of thanks to Pete Martin on behalf of myself and all of the comms team. Pete has led the group for the past few years; bringing a team of dedicated volunteers together and creating the positive environment in which we are able to do our work.

As Pete is now stepping down at the next election, he has passed on the baton of leadership to myself, and so I hope that together we can do a proper job for both him, our members, and the ECFC family as a whole.

Finally, and as always, should you wish to provide information, ideas, stories or promotional content to the Trust communications group, then please contact

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