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UK Sport Survey

Open until March 31, the UK Sport Survey has been designed to help the EFL in representing the view of Clubs and supporters to the Government on the return of fans.

As the nation begins to cautiously look forward to the easing of lockdown restrictions, clubs across the land are preparing for the return of spectators to live sporting events.

With such unprecedented times, UK Sport and the EFL are mindful that everyone’s experience of Covid-19 will have been different and each of us had been affected in different ways.

As football continues to play its part in preventing the spread of the virus, the survey will allow you to provide your thoughts on the current situation and help UK Sport and the EFL to understand how you, the fans, feel about attending major sports events again in the future.

So far, more than 26,000 supporters have responded to the UK Sport survey on the return of fans, so should you wish to participate and share your thoughts, please click here

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