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Wembley return for ECFCST Members

Winners of our Carabao Cup Final tickets draw announced

The results of the Supporters Trust draw to win tickets for the Carabao Cup Final between Chelsea and Liverpool have been announced.

There were forty-four entries, from supporters who were unable to buy tickets from the Merseyside or West London clubs, who went into the draw.

The Trust Membership Secretary, Celia, drew the numbers and Treasurer, Steve, verified the associated names.

The winners and runners up:

  • Pair of £72 tickets for £144: James Eginton

  • Pair of £56 tickets for £112: Genevieve Cox

  • Pair of £56 tickets for £112: Daniel Hooper

Runners-up: 1 Neil French; 2 Sue Martin; and 3 Joe Hibbard.

NB All three winners have subsequently (and excitedly) accepted their offers but should anything change then the runners-up would be offered the chance to buy any unsold tickets.

Thanks to all for entering, glad the club could continue to offer this chance to ordinary Trust members.

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